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Incergo S.A brings together a wide range of profitable, best in class businesses with a unique formula for growth. The Company’s business strategy is a holding company that acquires companies that are master franchise businesses.

Incergo S.A. (“Company”) was incorporated on 16 October 2018 as a Luxembourg public limited company.



The Company acquired Franchising International S.A., which owns the first Master Franchise business (Vendo) in the Company.


Vendo Ltd owns and operates a franchisor business that provides streamlined corporate systems and services to customers and franchisees.


The main strategy and focus of the Company is to provide a system and network where all master franchisors and their franchisees can benefit through the following services:


  • Share support services (invoicing, invoice collection, administration, marketing, human resource);


  • Management expertise;


  • Marketing and branding; and


  • Customer service.


The execution of this strategy is achieved through a combination of organic growth and growth through acquisitions. There is a huge demand from small to medium-sized businesses that require such a system for growth purposes.

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Franchising is a highly collaborative business model and sector and we aim to magnify that ethos through our portfolio of brands.

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