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Incergo aims to bring together a wide range of profitable, best-in-class franchise operations.


Part of Incergo's growth strategy utilises the Agglomeration™ economy method, which involves inviting successful franchisors to join the company so that, whilst maintaining their brand’s identity, franchisors can work collaboratively to establish robust, resilient franchise businesses for themselves and their networks, whilst taking advantage of shared services and reduced costs.


However, that is not the only way to join Incergo.  We will also seek to acquire businesses from franchisors who want to exit their businesses completely.

the uk & international franchise sectors

According to the 2018 British Franchise Association survey, the UK franchise market comprises nearly 1,000 franchise operations, employing over 710,000 people many of whom would benefit from joining Incergo to ensure profitability, sustainability, and future growth or simply to ensure that their franchise lives on after their departure

In the USA, the International Franchise Association (IFA)’s 2021 figures state there are more than 733,000 franchise establishments and according to the Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation (APFC), there are over 75,000 franchise businesses operating in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and India.

Source: British Franchising Association and NatWest (2018)

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What is agglomeration™?

Incergo has adopted the Agglomeration™ strategy which sees small businesses come together geographically to ensure better visibility and success for all. Naturally, ours will be coming together virtually rather than physically into one place but the premise is the same. 

What is agglomeratio

Why sell my franchise to incergo?

Franchisors may sell their businesses to Incergo for one of two purposes: either as part of their exit strategy or to enhance and expand their business, making it more commercially successful than ever before.

"As fanchisors we know that support makes a huge difference when building a business. Incergo is that support for franchisors.


"By coming together under the Incergo name, franchisors can benefit from shared services that will reduce costs and increase visibility and ultimately build stronger, more profitable franchises for all."

Darren Taylor, Incergo Chair

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Abstract Background

incergo's timeline

Incergo S.A was incorporated on 16 October 2018 as a Luxembourg Public Limited Company.


Incergo subsequently acquired Franchising International, owner of PVC Vendo, a long-established UK-based franchise offering vehicle washing services to the UK’s commercial haulage sector.  For more information about PVC Vendo click here

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our strategy and growth

Incergo is a holding company that specialises in acquiring franchise businesses throughout the UK and Europe and further afield. Our current board comprises individuals with expertise in the franchise industry and who have extensive financial acumen.


Our growth strategy involves a combination of organic expansion and the acquisition of additional franchise businesses.


By joining Incergo, and whilst fully retaining their brand’s identity, franchisors can benefit from many shared services including:  


·    Invoicing and debt collection

·    Administration

·    HR

·    PR

·    IR

·    Management expertise

·    Customer service

·    Peer support/mentoring


Or they can sell their franchise to Incergo and exit immediately or over a given period of time.

Would you like additional details? Click here.

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"With our collection of brands, we’ll aim to enhance the collaborative ethos that characterises the franchise business model and industry and give franchisors an opportunity to exit their business whilst ensuring their brand lives on"

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