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CEO Letter

Dear Shareholders, 


We are excited to announce the successful public listing of our franchise business, which represents a significant milestone in our journey to becoming a global leader in our industry. 


Our successful listing is a testament to our belief in the power of entrepreneurship and our commitment to an aggressive growth strategy through acquisitions. 


As a publicly traded company, we now have the credibility and access to resources that will enable us to accelerate our growth and expansion into new markets. 


We are committed to delivering value to our shareholders by growing our revenue, increasing our profitability, and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the businesses we own.


We believe that the franchise business is a prime example of the potential of entrepreneurship to create value and drive economic growth. 


Our proven business model, experienced management team, and strong brand recognition makes us well-positioned to capitalise on the growing demand for our products and services. 


We are confident that our business will continue to thrive and provide attractive returns for our shareholders. Furthermore, we are committed to an ambitious growth strategy through acquisitions, and we have already identified several potential target companies that would be synergistic with our existing operations and provide additional opportunities for growth and value creation. 


We believe that our global ambitions and focus on acquisitions will enable us to continue to grow and succeed as a public company. Thank you again for your support and confidence. 


We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress and achievements as we continue to grow.




 David Callister

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